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Concept Marketing

PIF Network has taken the most responsive advertising online today, to a much higher level. Our Concept Marketing program has eliminated the purchase of impressions or views, offering all members actual guaranteed clicks for every single site ad we offer. The future of text ad exchange marketing is offered here! Everyone is welcomed to Join and Share in this exclusive program.

PIF Network Delivers Results. We are giving our members the tools needed to grow their own businesses and/or start a brand new business venture with us. We want the independence to build our own business with our hard work and dedication. If you want it, you can do it. PIF Network will help you get there with all the tools and resources needed.

Solo Advertising

8 Different Income Streams
Script Sales
Rental Sites
Lease Purchase Option
Membership Upgrades
All Package Sales
All Single Ad Purchases
Referral Contest Profit Share
Monthly Clicking Contest Profit Share

The only thing you need to do to start receiving payment notices in your PayPal or AlertPay account is to get your ads out there using our ready made ads and your personal affiliate link.

1. This is so Cool! Our Monthly Clicking Contest Profit Pool. Cash Bonus is paid to the top 2 clickers, 60/40% of Total. Profits from every ad package sale, every single ad, and every upgrade purchased, site wide, every month goes into this pool! This could be huge. All membership levels are eligible to win this profit pool. Profit pool is paid and will zero out on the first of each month and we start all over again.

2. You need to be actively promoting to win our race to the next 500 PIF Referral Profit Pool. This is a pool of profits from every ad package sale, every single ad, every upgrade purchased, and every single script purchased, during the race to the next 500 contest. The top winner earns 60% of those profits, 2nd place top referrer earns the other 40% profit share. Winners 1-10 all win Points Packages. New contest starts next race and zero's out the pool, to start all over again!

Get involved with PIF Network Business by becoming a site owner. You will find complete details of each in your members area.
PIF Concept Marketing Scripts

Our site is setup so that all members, rich, middle class or like so many of us, those "just over broke" folks can earn excellent commissions. Plus you earn ads easily, just by being an active member. You never have to spend a penny for ads, or to earn commissions.

You also have the ability to plug-in your "other" favorite affiliate programs, that your personally sponsored members + 5 levels down will see. A feature similar to our admin downline builder, only its all yours. A Free Perk that each membership level receives, gives you the ability to introduce yourself & the businesses you are the most passionate about. You also get a personal URL, with all of your programs listed!

Not a problem here. If you run out of ads or points at any time we have a fix for that too! Lets say you want to purchase a login ad. They are really responsive and you don't have enough points. :-0

All you have to do is click on the menu bar, "View Login Ads". Click the login ads, view each site, earn points for each ad viewed, and after the required number of Login Ads you earn a Free Login Ad and a Cash Bonus.

Most of our ads can be purchased the same way. The only exclusions are Network Ads and Full Page Login Ads.

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PIF Network Ads
19,182 Members
SE-Super Network
26,245 Members

You must be an active marketer, looking for opportunities and passing on your offer to our members. Being an active member produces bonuses. Bonuses = free ads & cash. There are automated bonuses, cash contests & admin bonuses for our very active members, be sure to check the Rewards Program in your members area.

Please use GMail

Auto-responders Prohibited:
If we get 1 auto-responder from your gmail email, your account will be deleted, you will loose all commissions, downline and upgrade without refund.

Bounced Emails:
Two (2) email addresses are required. Gmail accounts are free and easy to setup. We have an automated bounce script, so if you login and you are on vacation and you didn't put yourself on vacation, you have bounced out. Change your email address please.

Free Ad Package Promo Code: promo1
5 Solo Ads - 5 Banner Ads - 5 Buttons Ads
5 Traffic Links - 5 Hots Links & 2 Login Ads

More Promo Codes In Members Area
Make Sure You Look Around!

Commissions are paid on personal referrals for 1 tier only.
Members are NOT required to make any purchase in order
to receive commission from Personal Referral Purchases.

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